How can EU companies gain better access to foreign procurement markets?



How can EU companies gain better access to foreign procurement markets?

Public procurement represents a substantial part of the EU´s and other economies. The EU´s public procurement market amounts to 1,800 billion euros which represents 17% of its total GDP. These are impressive figures if we see the business opportunities behind them. Whilst the EU has largely committed itself to granting market access to its public procurement market for foreign goods, services and companies, many third countries are reluctant to further open their procurement markets for foreign competition.

How can we change this? How can we guarantee sound competition between international market players and thus help governments to find best value for tax payers´ money?

Working on a new policy on access to public procurement markets the EU has launched an online consultation for all stakeholders to share their views. Contributions can be made until 2nd August 2011 via the following website:

Press release
More info on public procurement


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