A nice example of export success from Lithuania – An enterprise included into the network of culinary inheritance of Europe


Thanks to some of my dear friends I discovered a very nice wine during the ski holiday in Bulgaria. It was not a local wine, not an Italian or even French one, but from Lithuania!

The amazing fact about the discovery was that it was bought in Banja, near Bansko (small, small location) and that it is made from fruits ; the label says: VORUTA – Aroniju Naturalus Vynas – Semi- Dry Chokeberry wine 2011 .

The joint stock company “Anyksciu Vynas”, founded in the year 1926, is one of oldest enterprises, located in the south region of the Baltics, which started to produce wine by industrial method.

Its founder – a graduate agronomist Balys Karazija – founded a small fruit-berry winery in the cellar of a rented house and started to ferment the first lot of apple wine.

B.Karazija`s wine “Birute” was awarded with the main reward, whereas two kinds of wine “Senasis Vynas” (the “Old Wine”) and “Banga” (the “Wave”) – with gold medals at the International exhibition in Paris in the year 1938. Since then the natural fruit-berry wine became a traditional Lithuanian drink.

More details about the producing company and the products on sale can be found here:


I hope this story will inspire us and will lead to more patrimony conservation, no matter if culinary, cultural, social, historical, natural or industrial; they all mix in the end and create a unique offer, with unbeatable export future performance.

Who’s next with an example from Romania?

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